Valera Salon Exclusive combines Swiss Made Quality with Valera’s exclusive next-generation technology, cutting-edge performance and elegant design. Valera, the Swiss Hair Specialist, has been producing haircare equipment since 1955. We design and manufacture all hairdryers in-house in its own factory in Ticino, Switzerland, in close collaboration with the hairdressing industry.

Best Product Of The Year
If you are awarded one or more of the seven quality seals for innovation, high quality, design, functionality, ease of use, ergonomics and ecology by the jury of the Plus X Award, you also secure the opportunity to receive the coveted “Best Product of the Year” award 2019 “.

The award is based on the number of your received Plus X Award seal of approval. If your product has more distinction categories than the products of your competitors in the same product category, you will receive the “Best Product of the Year 2019”.


In their creative capacity, hairstylists expect nothing but the best from perfect tools, perfect in terms of performance, durability, reliability, ergonomics, and ease of use. We analyzed these expectations and developed Valera Salon Exclusive, a handcrafted selection of custom-made professional equipment.


At VALERA, we talk about quality with a capital 'Q'. As such, the concept of "total quality" is constantly and uncompromisingly applied to all business sectors. In 1995 we achieved ISO 9001 certification, which was renewed in 2014 according to the latest ISO 9001:2008 standard. It is an incentive for us to keep up our continuous improvements in quality and service.
Our products are developed according to the latest European standards and so they all bear the European "CE" symbol. Special attention is given to the safety of the appliances (in accordance with standards IEC / EN 60335-1 and IEC / EN 60335-2-23) and the guidelines on radio frequency interference and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
All VALERA hairdryers are certified by internationally recognized institutions according to the most stringent safety standards and bear a variety of symbols including VDE, ELECTROSUISSE and NEMKO.

All VALERA hairdryers are certified by internationally recognized institutions according to the most stringent safety standards and bear a variety of symbols including VDE, ELECTROSUISSE and NEMKO.


Valera or Vallera is the local name for the valley in which our headquarters are located. There is a small brook that flows through this valley (valle in Italian), called Laveggio. Herons on the banks of this small brook, horses in the meadow next to the factory, pastures nearby with cows and sheep grazing … this is the Swiss canton of Ticino in Switzerland, where Ligo Electric has been based since 1978 and has been producing haircare appliances under the brand VALERA since 1990. After a few years, something that started out with baby steps became so successful that the factory building was doubled in 2008 to a surface area of 4000 m2. Maybe it is no coincidence that the name Valera means "healthy, strong, brave and courageous" from its Latin origin.


VALERA's expertise has always been based on a close collaboration with the professional hairdressing industry. We work together with renowned hair stylists in our product development. VALERA attends the most important trade fairs and events, and is one of the best selling brands in the hairdressing sector. Every day, thousands of hair stylists around the world trust in the technological superiority of VALERA professional appliances to style and maintain their customers' hair. VALERA designs professional haircare appliances to the highest standards of quality and reliability. They make hairstylists' daily work easier and guarantee a respectful approach to the natural beauty of people's hair. For creativity with precision, for styling with respect.


From day one, VALERA was always active in the hotel hairdryer business and has gained an excellent level of expertise over the years when it comes to hospitality requirements. We understand the special requirements hotels have in providing hairdryers. On this basis VALERA keeps developing new models of the highest quality, offering the customer comfort and reliability. The sales results confirm our commitment. The best hotels in the world have chosen VALERA hairdryers: Kempinski, Marriott, Swissotel, Intercontinental, Radisson, Peninsula, Hilton, Renaissance, Möwenpick, Jolly, Taj Mahal, Sheraton, Novotel, Holiday Inn, etc. Every year more than 150,000 hotel rooms around the world are equipped with a VALERA hairdryer – VALERA is the Number 1 in hotel hairdryers. Hand dryers and magnifying mirrors complement our range of products to suit hotels.


Whether it is for professional haircare appliances or hairdryers for hotel use, the VALERA name can be found in more than 80 countries. The presence in leading department stores and retail chains is a key highlight. Since 2010 the famous Spanish department store El Corte Inglés has displayed the VALERA brand. In 2011 VALERA was featured in Mediaworld in Italy with a selection of high-quality appliances. Also the French electrical retailers Boulanger, Darty, BHV and La Fayette have stocked VALERA since 2013. In the professional haidresser sector, VALERA is particularly strong in Germany. The VALERA Professional brand ranks number one in ultra lightweight hairdryers with its Swiss products, Swiss Light and Swiss Turbo. In Ireland, VALERA achieved a good degree of popularity as the main sponsor of the 2012 Miss Ireland Contest. In Russia, VALERA is one of the biggest brands in haircare appliances in the personal sector, selling a wide range of products in major electronics outlets – M-Video, Technopark and Media Markt. Outside of Europe, VALERA is one of the strongest haircare brands for example in Kuwait (important chain: X-Cite by Alghanim) and in United Arab Emirates (important chain: E-MAX Electronics). The brand has also established a foothold in North America. Our global trading partners represent VALERA at trade fairs, roadshows and workshops, and contribute to making these Swiss quality appliances known around the world.