The SELECT motors set a new milestone for the quality tradition of VALERA,
and are exclusively reserved for VALERA SALON EXCLUSIVE hairdryers.

Extremely durable and efficient

In BLDC motors, four powerful Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets replace the graphite carbon brushes used in conventional motors. Our new BLDC-ENDURO-X SELECT motor is even lighter than its predecessor.

Powerful and reliable

AC (Alternating Current) motors are collector motors typically used in professional hairdryers. They produce a high air flow and pressure and have a very long life.

Extra power, really lightweight


Delta – Δ – stands for significantly more power which DELTA-DRIVE motors achieve in comparison with traditional permanent magnet motors. This leap forward in performance is possible thanks to special, extra-powerful neodymium magnets.

Ultralight and professional

PM-PRO motors are a new generation of power magnetic motors. Due to Valera’s exclusive ventilation technology, PM-PRO motors produce an exceptionally high air flow. They are much lighter than AC motors, offering excellent performance.

Styling without worries thanks to Valera‘s latest innovation, protecting the motor from failures caused by hair getting caught in the inner workings of the dryer.

The new generation of Valera hairdryers raises the standard for professional hairdryers. The Smart Airflow Technology optimizes the path of the hair-stream through the hairdryer from the inlet grill to the air outlet, enabling it to achieve outstanding performance.

Smart solutions for your daily activity


Perfectly regulated temperature

Valera uses exclusively ‘THERMO-CONTROL’ ripple wire heating elements for a perfect temperature regulation. This superior type of heating element is safer, better engineered and provides a more constant distribution of the temperature of the air, ensuring a longer life when compared to common spiral wire heating elements.


The swivel device

for a tangle-free cord
The innovative swivel device is integrated in the power cords of our professional hairdryers. It prevents the cord from twisting and forming of knots during use of the hairdryer. ROTOCORD is a safe, super light, NEMKO tested and patented device.


The styling nozzle that remains cool

An exclusive invention on the hairdryer market: the patented styling nozzle TOUCH ME, which, due to its innovative Self-Cooling Double-Layer System, never overheats. The nozzle can be touched and rotated in any direction during the use of the hairdryer.


Switches for heavy-duty professional use

Temperature and airflow switches are designed for precise selection in rapid and frequent changes. Special 16A electrical contacts with a thick layer of pure silver make the LONG LIFE switches of Valera hairdryers particularly resistant to the wear resulting from intensive professional use.